Katrina Kaif has woe to not congratulate Salman Khan for the success of “Bajraangi Bhai Jaan”.


MUMBAI: It was said by the Bollywood Barbie Doll that that I wanted to congratulate Salman Khan on the success of his film “Bajraangi Bhai Jaan” which she could not watch and she has extreme woe on it.

According to the reports of Indian Media it was said by Katrina Kaif during interview that she watched “Bajraangi Bhai Jaan” very late but she was enjoyed a lot to watch it.

In film acting of Salman Khan is awesome and in it he refreshed the memory of “Hum Dil De Chukay Sanam” but with it credit of its success is also goes to film Director Kabeer Khan who beautifully made film on sensitive topic she had to congratulate Salman Khan for the precious success but she could not do it on which she is so woe.

It is cleared that before Ranbir Kapoor constants of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were very common till several years. It was said by the Daabang Khan on the occasion of his so called sister wedding that he offered Katrina to be Khan but she liked to be Kapoor.