Katrina secrets uncover


MUMBAI: The Gorgeous Lady Katrina secrets uncover by her driver. For this purpose, she terminated him as quick as a flash.


The affair news between the Actor Ranbir Kapoor and Actress Katrina Kaif are being circulated since last year. Both the lovebirds have been seen together on many occasions. However, private life of many artists also has been most talked topic among media. Due to the fact, actresses were faced a lot of troubles and suffered anxiety. Now, the actress has caught the suspect who was leaking her secrets day in and day out.

According to Media Reports, Katrina Kaif was keeping her personal life utmost secret after the failure of relation with Ranbir. In spite of keeping many secrets, media was able to get information about her personal life. Although when she was returning home after having dinner with the Young Actor Aditya Roy Kapoor last day, she suddenly saw media and skewered on his driver. The Actress declared her driver accused who leaks her personal information among media. At the moment, she rapidly shouted on him badly, and terminated him from his job.