Key planning points for when you are moving to a new city


The practicalities of moving from one city to another are many. It is not regarded as one of the most stressful experiences that a person can have for no reason. Aside from leaving everything that you know and uprooting yourself from your home, there is also the fear of the unknown and the need to manage and organise a host of moving parts. Many are the relationship that has foundered at this point – especially if one partner is keener on the move than the other. But the negatives aside, it is possible to mitigate the stresses of a move by planning the process properly. Here are some tips to help you manage the process in the best way possible.

Find a partner

Moving from one city to another is not something that you will be able to do all by yourself. No matter how much of a minimalist lifestyle you like to lead, you still have possessions and furniture that will need to make their way across the country to a new home. Having a moving company that you can trust, working with you, will go a long way towards making the experience easier. Some of these companies don’t just ferry your items from A to B, they also help with packing and cataloguing items as well. If you don’t know who to hire specifically then ask around on Facebook for recommendations or do a Google search for something like ‘removalists Port Macquarie to Sydney‘. It is worth noting that while there are many companies that operate in the removal space, they don’t all go to every location. You will need to find one that covers the route between your current home and your destination. And you will need to find one whose reputation is good enough and which offers the services and prices that make sense to you.

Boxes for the win

Once you have decided that a move is going to happen, then start collecting boxes. It is amazing how much stuff you actually have. Make regular trips to the supermarket to collect boxes as, quite simply, you can never have too many. What is important though is to make sure that once those boxes are packed that you label them properly. Unlabelled boxes cause a lot of grief on the other side when they need to be opened before they can be carried to a room.

Treat it like a project

If you were at work and you were faced with a big project you would almost certainly come up with a project plan to help you manage the process. Or, if you are not blessed in the organization department then you might ask somebody to project manage the situation for you. This is the same logic that should be applied to moving home. Just because it is something that is happening in your personal space, rather than in a work environment, doesn’t mean that you can be lackadaisical about it. A well-planned move will be less stressful and will have fewer opportunities for problems along the way.