Khloe Kardashian was Criticized for taking Selfie in Hijab.


Khloe Kardashian was born in Khloé Alexandra Kardashian, Las Angeles, California on 27th June 1984. She is now being served as American Model and Actress. She has uppermost followers in contract with tweeter and all the followers criticized her for taking selfie in Hijab.

LAS ANGELES: The American Model and Actress Khloe Kardashian faced a lot of criticism and difficulties when she took selfie in Hijab hereinafter she was been hunted of criticism hence social media. The Kim Kardashian younger sister Khloe Kardashian is present in High Life of Dubai she shared her selfi in Hijab in contract with her account while she has Lac of followers hence tweeter and for taking selfie all the followers criticized her.

It was written by a follower that in case a Muslim woman wear Hijab then she is good in whole eyes, but when any celebrity and Khloe Kardashian do it so why do we tweet likewise? It was tweet by another follower that declared guilty of mocking Muslims’ sentiments.

It is remembered in 2009 she was gotten married with Lamar Odam who is professionally a NBA basketball player and a member of Los Angeles Lakers but that marriage is not anymore now people have some witnesses and evidences that she has a relation with French Montana but as a result of her declaration they are just true friend.