King Khan promised out of sight people and turned hence his promises.


Sharukh Khan was fined due to smoking in Public Place by Indian Court.

MUMBAI: Bollywood Superstar Sharukh Khan has admitted that he promised to his fans to get rid of smoking, but he was not at all been successful to fulfill his promises.

Recently, it was twitted by Sharukh Khan in a social website twitter, he is being gotten rid of smoking, after which his fans were hope that King Khan soon will be successful to left this bad habit, but Sharukh Khan has been confessed to resolve this habit, he voiced that he always understand smoking the worst habit, he himself does not like that anybody is being smoked nearby him, but after the all strives and endeavors he could not get rid of smoking, he always promised that he will get rid of smoking, but he will take sometimes for it. The day when he will get rid of smoking on that day he will announce himself.