Kwikstage Scaffolding: How This Scaffolding System Helps Simplify Your Construction Project


Construction projects need reliable and safe materials all the time. Each component should be stable and secure to avoid any unwanted accidents while building a structure. One of the most common elements in every construction project is the scaffolding. It serves as a temporary structure used by the crew to reach higher areas. Since most construction projects are time-bound, they need a scaffolding system that they can set up quickly. The perfect solution for this is the kwikstage scaffolding that you can buy or hire for different construction projects. Experts from Synergy Scaffolding company claim that this type of scaffolding stands out from the others because of its adaptability and practicality.

To understand more about the kwikstage scaffolding, here are several facts about this type of construction solution and how it can help build a structure.

What Is A Kwikstage Scaffolding System? 

The kwikstage scaffolding is a type of modular scaffolding system which serves different purposes within a construction project. This type of scaffolding system is highly effective when the exterior of the building has a complicated design that can make a regular facade scaffold impossible to assemble.

Builders prefer kwikstage scaffolding because they can mould it into any shape that suits the building structure. It is also flexible enough to set up on either side of the structure’s facade to simplify the construction process. Because of this, the Kwikstage scaffolding system can assist in assembling unique building structures.

What Makes Kwikstage Scaffolding System Useful In Construction?

Using a kwikstage scaffold can help make the assembly process faster. It requires lesser workers to do the job compared to other scaffolding systems. Because of this, it will help builders save time and labour costs.

This type of scaffolding system also has a straightforward design. You need four brackets attached to a single pressing to build one segment of the scaffold. It is also adaptable to any surface where you plan to erect it. You may even place it in an uneven ground where you have to build the structure.

Also, kwikstage scaffolding can serve multiple purposes. According to Synergy Scaffolding, this system is ideal for building houses or larger industrial projects. It can also help in creating an arch or directional bridges. You may also use it to reach angular areas for painting or repair.

What Are The Requirement When Erecting Kwikstage Scaffolds

Like any other scaffolding solution, you need to comply with the industry standards of your country for safety. In Australia, home designers, scaffolding contractors and workers, and principal contractors working on a construction project worth $250,000 or more are responsible for securing the health and safety of constructing scaffolds. They must also follow the country’s Code of Practice for the safe design of structures to ensure workplace safety of any construction projects. Also, all scaffolding builders need to remember that the minimum height requirement of any scaffolding construction is six feet above the ground to avoid any accidents in the workplace.

Using kwikstage scaffolding systems has plenty of purposes for any construction project. Because of this, you need to know how this scaffold system works if you manage a construction site. You may buy a kwikstage scaffolding system for your construction company through reputable scaffolding companies in your area. But if you are not ready to commit to the investment, you may also rent the scaffolding solution and use it during the entire duration of your project.