Lacking in English Learning in Libya


Lacking in English Learning in Libya. English learning process has been slowed and lacking is noticed in its development hereinafter the revolution it had been a priority.

British Council is being run several programs which is depended in contract with training. Betimes we are not working in Libya. The office has been closed.

It was stated by Ben Gray of the British Council that we have just local staff members who are worked on basis of back office that has decamped out of sight Libya to neighbouring Tunisia’s capital Tunis.

It was further added by him that we have huge programmes and we have Skype based teacher trainer programme in that we are worked with universities.

Libyan students were kindly and generously funded to study overseas in the past but financial difficulties have been erected by the civil war.

Stemming the flow of students abroad. He said that his daughter in the UK (United Kingdom) a masters student at the University of Manchester is not being received her maintenance grant.

Since 2014 to run bilateral programmes has been approximately impossible. According to the Officials of US Department rather recruitment for a number of US-supported exchanges has been suspended temporarily.

The United States will continue to support bright Scholarship students who were selected for the study in United States, comprehending Libyan students due to arrive on US campuses in fall 2015.