Ladies can prevent breast cancer regular exercise


Breast cancer has become a nightmare for women around the world, including Pakistan, after recovering 25% of women suffering from the disease but also disease relapse risk can be reduced by 40% from regular exercise and jogging.

The experts Sunny Brook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto has reviewed 67 studies of women recover from breast cancer and finding a possible link between the treatment of the recovery diet, weight and physical exercise then he came to the conclusion that the risk of a second attack and death from cancer of exercise is reduced by 40%.

Experts say that to be breast the cancer to 150 minutes of exercise or walk in a week that the best and feasible way to avoid deaths that started after recovering from breast cancer because they pose to the disease can largely avoided.

Experts are saying that the reasons that exercise may prevent the inflammation and irritation in the body and does not damage the cells and thus prevent the cancer. The exercise also prevents cancer progression.

A swinging of the study will be to determine what it is that women remain weak after exercise, how can he heal cancer. The second time he did not pose a cancer if the woman is still the skin becomes less tired and benefits of exercise. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Washington, according to scholar if women can receive benefits if their will be some time to exercise.