Last Week Strategy to Prepare for SSC CGL 2020


With SSC CGL Tier I 2020 right around the corner, it is natural to be anxious and scared, but it is also essential to employ the given time productively so as to level up your score and come across with flying colours. How you spend this week will certainly make a huge difference in your performance in SSC CGL Tier I 2020.

Before moving on to suggestions to remember for the last few days, it is vital to have a calm mindset without any self-doubt or inhibitions. We have carefully listed important points that will ensure effective and productive 7 days to help you maximise your score in the SSC CGL 2020 exam.

SSC CGL 2020: Last Week Preparation Tips

1. Do not start Anything New Now

In the last week of your preparation before the exam, there is no time to add further knowledge instead focus on increasing your score. It is advisable that you only stick to revising old topics covered and avoid picking up a new topic. It will ensure that you will retain more and hence better recollection leading to better marks.

2. Make a Daily Agenda

A daily agenda or planner will ensure timely revision of the entire syllabus in a comprehensive and productive manner. It will also help you avoid unnecessary negative thoughts of self-doubt and failure. Keep yourself focussed on your goal and a daily agenda will keep you going on your road to success.

3. Formula Sheet and Current Affairs

Spend most of the day revising the syllabus, refer to the formula sheet prepared by you along with shortcuts and tricks practised. You should also make sure that you revise the current affairs every day as they need better memorisation. Scoring in sections like Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness depends on how fast and accurately you can recollect and implement.


4. Divide your Day to get the Full Benefit from it

Time left before the exam is limited, it is crucial to make full use of it. Divide your day into two, the first half can be utilised for solving SSC CGL mock tests with a timer. Analyse your mock tests focusing on recurring mistakes and make sure to improve on them subsequently.

In the second half of the day, revise your syllabus as per your schedule.


5. Previous year Papers are an Excellent Source

Solve past year papers every day as they are the most trusted source for the quality with the help of SSC CGL Preparation app to understand the type of questions to be expected in SSC CGL Tier I. If you are fortunate, you might find similar questions in the paper making it easier for you to reach the goal. Solving these papers prepare you for the exam day teaching you to balance your time and efforts.

6. Find your Strategy to Attempt the Paper

You are required to ace all the sections in the examination to qualify the cut off of SSC CGL Tier I hence it is highly recommended that you find the most appropriate strategy to attempt the paper. Adopt a strategy ensuring speed and no haste along with the sequence of how you want to attempt the question paper. This will enhance your score and minimise the negatives.


7. Don’t Compare your Preparation with Other Fellow Competitors

Each applicant preparing for SSC CGL 2020 has their own strengths, flaws and competency. It will be unfair to compare your efforts with others and demotivating yourself before the exam. Trust your hard work and investment, give your best shot and the results will surely be in your favour.

On the last day before your exam, go through the instructions for the exam day carefully. Also, check your admit card and plan your travel to the test centre in advance. Do not rush through your day and take some time off to relax before the exam.

Keep a calm composure while attempting the paper avoiding guesswork, using the method of elimination and maximising your correct attempts in the given time range. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to give the much-needed thrust to your preparation and come one step closer to qualifying SSC CGL Tier I 2020.

All the best!