Lenovo mobile phone with projector.


China’s biggest electronic company introduces a likewise mobile when the laser projector in the virtual display and keyboard will be available option. With help of this interactive display on the phone display will be seen not at all only hence any surface while can use too. By the help of which the size of the computer keyboard and piano keys may be seen.

With the help of lens projector existing photos and videos in phone can be seen on walls. Cast called smart phones and new smart watch technology introduced in a World Conference in Beijing. It was stated by Lenovo that laser projector with bright colors hence the walls and other smooth layers to the images will not need to focus.

Through a video work of smart cast phone was shown in which it may seen that how to turn the phone off the wall of the lens ‘ surface mode’ through the table top displays. On the back of keyboard a stand was installed which is kept it straight during the use of virtual keyboard. Tech World Conference Chinese pianist Lang artists through the phone’s virtual keyboard on the piano sounded.

It was voiced by Mike Lowe, editor of gadgets website with the same characteristics as compared to other mobile phones were introduced to the phone using the virtual keyboard is very little delayed. It was further voiced by him that it is interesting but another side strange too. It will be difficult to use who will be use it first because it is difficult to work correctly on such big keyboard. This phone has been demonstrated in low -lit room.

World Technology Lenovo in a “smart” watch also introduced the “Magic Wave” name was given to it. There are two screens. There are two screens in this moment no one can see the screen and the second screen is amazing Then it can be seen that when a certain angle to the face.