I like Shahid Kapoor out of sight my childhood, Alia Bhatt.


I felt immense goodness hence worked with Shahid Kapoor in new upcoming film “Shandaar”.

MUMBAI: It was voiced by the gorgeous bollywood actress Alia Bhatt that she has been liked Shahid Kapoor since her childhood.

It was stated by Alia Bhatt in an interview to a website that she was only 10-years old when Shahid Kapoor’s first movie “Ishq Vishq” was released in 1999, while she liked her acting a lot in that movie, she is still now his big fan, she was further voiced that she had always a wish after set foot in film industry that she work with Shahid Kapoor which has been fulfilled after the movie “Shandaar”.

It was further stated by Alia Bhatt that after working with Shahid Kapoor, she was known that he is not at all only a good actor, but he is also a great person, she was really nervous before working in “Shandaar” movie, but Shahid Kapoor was co-operated with her very well, for this cause this movie was been memorable for her.