Lips moving your new password


The day is not far when you will work on your lip-reading experts’ passwords because Hong Kong has been developing a technology that could identify a user based on the movement of his lips.

The Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Computer Science has received a patent for the technology introduced in the market they are in search of an institution. ‘Biometric identification’ of voice, finger print mark a system to identify people with the help of God in the face of the planet’s thin and eye are already in use which is the most beautiful stretch well as to be less than the margin of error in identifying the speed. Lip-reading technology to identify the ‘omitted Password’ name has been given, may be the latest addition to the individual protection.

Experts say that fingerprint is the issue of movement of the lips of prints for each person moves his lips to a specific and unique way. This technology cameras, motion sensors (motion feel to the device), and lips motion contains an algorithm to assess closely which will not need to pay for the password word language to use the password speakers Style lips will be enough to move.

This system has explored the animation style of the lips and secures your database, joins the ‘password’ relevant person ‘lip motion and identifies the user to equal them or refuses to recognize Is.

This technology is based on the movement of the lips, not only on the language of the world is being much better in this respect. In addition, it is equally useful in extreme noise environments because it does not say anything to the user language to be used. Once the identity of a user will easily be able to have a new movement of his lips shall he scored more secure passwords and their corresponding account.

Experts say the banking system and financial services can be provided to other institutions, especially for the very useful because each security is the biggest problem of these institutions. When will it be available in the market system, do not say anything about it because the matter is currently the subject of interest to the business and commercial establishments.