Liquor Store POS System Upgrade for 2020


The new year brings a renewed focus on making sure your liquor store business has everything it needs to succeed. From a quality selection to well-trained customer service representatives, a new year is a great reason to check all your bases.

If you want to improve customer service, business operations and record-keeping in 2020, be sure to include an updated merchant account solution on your list of projects. Look for these key features in an upgraded POS system for liquor store to make the most of the new calendar year.

Multiple Forms of Payment 

Your customers expect to be able to pay for their purchases in the format that’s most convenient for them, whether that means a traditional swipe credit card, chip-enabled card or touchless process like Apple Pay. The latest releases of the Clover POS system can handle all those payment types and more, including EMV or “chip” cards.

Inventory Tracking

Keeping a careful eye on in-store inventory is crucial to running a successful liquor store. The best merchant account solutions and point-of-sale systems do more than accept payments; they’ll also help you manage and track inventory. Look for a system that can run regular inventory reports so you know when you’re running low on a particular product and catch any irregularities before they become an issue.

User Experience

An up-to-date POS system can make the checkout process at your liquor store smoother for the customer and the clerk. Newer models have user-friendly features like larger displays, touch screens, a customer-facing printer display, fingerprint scanning and faster payment processing. Several systems also come with the option to add smaller, more mobile units to a central counter system. That means sales clerks can move the checkout process to the most convenient place in the store, ensuring clear lines of sight and adding ease for customers waiting in line.

Employee Time Management

In addition to recording transactions and tracking inventory, a sophisticated POS system allows a business to log employee hours. Workers can log in and out through the system, ensuring time cards are correct and pay is always accurate. Store owners are able to pull reports from newer systems that show hours worked and sales records.

Business Trend Reporting

With all the information that goes into an updated point-of-sale system, there are many ways to combine and distill data on your business. Search for a new system that goes beyond basic sales and time card reports to create insights about your store. The most recent Clover POS software update comes with a feature called Clover Insights, which helps identify trends in your business operations. Savvy liquor store owners can use the technology to better understand sales patterns, know when a sale or marketing tactic is effective, or predict the need to order more or less of a specific product.

An updated merchant account solution can help your business provide better customer service, manage inventory, keep track of employee hours and improve accounting processes. When you’re ready to upgrade the point-of-sale system for your liquor store, turn to trusted brands and a reliable vendor.