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Serie A has a new season, and now you can watch livescore soccer in a convenient format. Discover our site of sports statistics and see for yourself.

The performance of Lazio is one of the main mysteries of the current season. This year the capital club has already won the Italian Cup, therefore, it represents Italy in the international arena. Lazio’s main goal for this season is to get back to European competition. It will be extremely difficult to do this, given the current level of competition in Italian football. There is a very intense struggle even for places in the Europa League, not to mention the top 4.

However, the Eagles started the new season quite well. You can verify this by discovering livescore soccer. The team demonstrated interesting and informative football, but also managed to achieve good results.

Of course, only a few rounds have been played so far, so giving long-term forecasts is completely pointless. However, it is clear that the club is ready to fight for trips to European competitions in the long run as well.

We should note the main advantages of the capital team:

  1. A good selection of players. In summer, the ranks of Lazio were joined by Honi Rodriguez, Lazzari, Vavro and a number of other football players who should strengthen the game of the Eagles.
  2. Extensive experience of the coaching staff. Simone Inzaghi has been heading the club for more than a year, so he knows well the capabilities of his players, and it allows him to select the optimal line-up.
  3. Progress of young players.

All of it together increases the chances of the Eagles to get a ticket to European competition for the next season. However, it is no secret that Lazio will have to face serious competition in the domestic arena, and it will be observed on this long and busy distance.

Malaysia Cup this year

Information on the Malaysia Cup is available on our site of sports statistics as well. The tournament has already gained momentum, and decisive matches are ahead of us, where we will find out the name of the new owner of the honorary trophy. This year the competition was very high, and it was clearly visible at each stage of the competition.

The average level of teams in the country is approximately the same, so virtually every one of them has a chance to succeed. To learn more about the Cup of Malaysia, open the website of sports statistics, as it presents the results of the meetings, personal statistics of football players, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches, that will allow you to become a real expert in the field of these competitions.