London security severed after Paris attack


LONDON: London security severed after Paris attack where snipers have been deployed in contract with the Government Buildings.

According to the member of Express news hereinafter the Daesh attacks in Paris. The security in London has been severed. British Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street, the main public buildings, including heavy contingents of police has been deployed around while snipers have been deployed on the roofs of the buildings.

Inside of the London police quantity strength have been deployed in contract with public places. The metro and railway stations and checking the identity of citizens being.

The Muslim majority areas in the city police have launched a search operation where citizens passports and others documents have been snatched.

It is cleared that in all over the Paris massacre more than 177 people have been killed and several have been died. It is also cleared that the President of America Barack Obama and various leaders out of sight all over the world leaders are condemned this terror attack while few people also has been arrested in Paris as suspects.

Now all over the world have been alert and united against the terrorism.