Long lasting sitting of women can cause of cancer.


NEW YORK: Our modern age has made easier our immense difficulties due to which our living style has been changed this change can be especially harmful for women because it was predicted by advance experts that stay longer than that in women increases the risk of cancer disease.

Cancer awareness of the international journal The journal Cancer Epi daimyo Technology , Bio- makers and Prevention , published in the American Cancer Society, consequently to new research by experts from 1992 to 2009, 69 thousand 260 men and 77 thousand 462 women’s daily routines and their health records were kept full.

During the research eighteen thousand five hundred and fifty five men and 12 thousand two hundred and thirty six women were found included in cancer.

It was predicted by experts in the light of research that by sitting longer of men risk of cancer is not enough found in men but sitting for long lasting breast and ovarian cancer are likely to increase by 10 percent.