Long Term Effects Of A DUI


Statistics show that DUI is, so far, one of the most common crimes in Spain. Drivers who have DUI records face some long-term impacts, which they cannot avoid. The short-term effects have restrained impacts that last for about three months.

The most significant pain comes with the shock waves from the long-term effects. DUI can significantly affect your future growth. Thus, you should ensure that you build a strong defense once you get pulled over by police.

It does not matter whether you believe you are innocent or guilty. An experienced lawyer can prohibit the use of crucial evidence against you. They could make the charges to get you dismissed.

Long-term Consequences of Getting Convicted for DUI

  1. Permanent criminal record

Once you get convicted of DUI, the records will remain permanent. Thus, when anyone does a background check on you, they will get to know of your DUI. Getting convicted for DUI may limit your ability to get a scholarship for your college.

Your future employers and lenders will often do a little digging on you. DUI convictions may result in not getting the financial assistance or a job that you wanted so much.

  1. Loss of employment

If you are a driver by profession, losing your license may also cost you your job, and you may have to serve a jail sentence or do community service. It could affect your work attendance, which could lead to termination of your employment. A DUI attorney Nashville can help you in your fight against DUI conviction.

  1. Overseas travel

The authorities may limit your travel plans due to DUI convictions. Most countries have banned tourists who have criminal records. This criminal act may restrict you from going on vacations abroad, and you may also not be able to go on business trips.

  1. Military

If you want to join the army, navy, air force, or marine, a DUI conviction can affect your entry. Joining the armed forces means that the citizens look up to you. Thus, you should have a higher standard of conduct than any other person among the citizens. Unfortunately, any DUI conviction can ruin your possibility of joining the armed forces. There are no exceptions to a DUI sentence. Consult a DUI attorney Nashvillefor any help with any DUI convictions that you may face.

  1. Civil lawsuit

Accidents caused by DUI can kill and injure people on the road. Insurance may cover your liability coverage amount, but it may still not be enough. It could drain you financially as you may have to pay a considerable sum of money.

  1. Professional relationship

A DUI conviction can alter how your employer and coworkers used to perceive you. Sometimes the media may stain your reputation. It may even be challenging to hide the sentence. If your company policies are rigorous, you may end up losing your job.


DUI conviction can significantly affect your future. You should aim at avoiding the short-term and long-term effects of a DUI conviction. Drink responsibly and have a professional lawyer who can help you out once you get pulled over.