Love Commandos protection group for love marriage couples


NEW DELHI: In India volunteers made a group for the protection of lovers who get marry without the consent of their families. This group helps and protects such couples. The group formed in New Delhi and has named ‘Love Commandos’. It depends on Lawyers and Volunteers. Who do not only protect them from their families’ wrath. Moreover, it provides them complete guidance as well as legal protection. Love Commandos headquarter is in Delhi that consists on just 4 members. While after looking their work, people from all over the India are joining them.

The objective of the group is to protect girls from murder on the honour of respect. They protect newlywed couples under the India’s law. Girls and Boys can contract them through the helpline and website. While Love commandos give all kind of help to them and provide them a safe place for living in all over India. This group has helped and protected more than 40 thousand couples in the past 6 years. It made possible through the hundreds of volunteers.

According to the Group, love and love marriage is not a crime while in Indian society people still consider it a crime and especially girls are killed. There is a strict caste system in India Community that becomes an obstacle to marriage between different nations and communities. The 2 groups of male and female anti- marriage often give rise to violence.

According to the Head of the group, some couples stay a few hours with them and some for few months and for it, they have very low budget. Because all volunteers of the group are common people. According to another member of the group, couples are like their children and they always try to give them love and console. If they want to get marry so, their marriage is filed immediately. While they try to attain all phone calls and help each and every couple.

As result hate is growing day by day for Love Commandos from a majority and several people have kept cost of their heads. They also receive threat daily. Likewise, so many parents want to kill their daughters for getting married with theirs’ own choices. We will protect their lives.