Luxury On Your Wrist: Top Luxury Watches You Should Own


Time doesn’t wait for anyone. But with an iconic watch, it can stop you from what you are doing, even just for a moment. From the classic designs to the modern designed timepieces, everyone will look for that right companion. Whether the design is timeless on show, premium materials, fine craftsmanship, or with great technology behind, a watch will tell you more than just the time, and the world will know who you are.


If you are a watch enthusiast like a lot of people, you know that it’s a habit that’s hard to break. Of course, you want to look excellent and fashionable, that’s why you want to have that watch you’ve wanted all along. If you want to look elegant and classy, wearing a magnificent and luxurious watch is the answer. So here is that list of top luxury watches you would want to own.

Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto

If you are looking for the best military watch, the Hamilton Khaki Field has a collection of classic watches with army styles that are tested and tried over time. Robust, rugged, and resilient, these watches are ready for outdoor and prepared to rival with the most beautiful sports watches in the market. The design is for life’s best adventures, and it’s guaranteed to cater to your needs out there in the field.


If you don’t want to compromise your style and functionality, this watch should do the work. A timepiece you can depend upon out in the field. It is powered by an H-30 movement that has 80 hours reserved power.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

A classic watch that every collector should have in their collection. Patek Philippe watch is straightforward and super chic. It was released way back in 1932, and it’s called Calatrava.  Its design is timeless, and it has pure lines, and very popular ever since. A lot of individuals, especially the collectors, consider it the best round-shaped timepiece.


The Patek Philippe watches have a classic and elegant design that will upgrade your look if you wear one. The exquisite style is one of the best that this brand can offer a lot of watch lovers. It has a self-winding motion that is mechanical, and the date is in a little aperture. It is so stunning that it could easily catch the attention of anyone with its underrated perfection.

Omega Speedmaster

People will always remember Omega Speedmaster to be the first timepiece brought in the moon. Even if a lot of people don’t know the history of this watch, it is still a must-have watch, that has a high value to the collectors. The design of this watch is a combination of both contemporary and classic, and impressive mechanical technology behind it. The life of this watch can last forever, even if you take it anywhere with you.


Omega Speedmaster was first introduced as a chronograph for racing, and this watch’s personality changed after it came back from the moon. It is now available in different designs and a lot of variation, but one this is for sure, they are all beautiful, versatile, and useful. Just bring up the name to anyone who loves watches, and they will inform you that you might need to own at the minimum of one or two Omega Speedmasters in your life.

Rolex Submariner

A Rolex timepiece is a standard must-have to all the watch enthusiasts, and probably an all-time great of horology is the Submariner. Well known for its impressive design quality and exceptional design, this watch was first introduced for professional divers. Still, with its beautiful design, you can even pair it with your tuxedo.


Rolex Submariner is the most storied watch for diving and became an icon, an indication of good taste, success, fine craftsmanship, rugged elegance, and the love for the sea. Even now, Rolex is continually making new versions to make the collection of Submariner better. But all of the brand’s watches come with a design that is timeless and style that will never expire.


Luxury is always something we are proud of whether we wear it, or we use it. Wearing a luxury watch will not only make you satisfied, but it will also enhance the overall look that will make you stand out. Always wear a watch that will express who you are and what you want others to see you.