Madhuri Dixit her own Mobile Application.


The most popular and well known Actress of Bollywood Madhuri Dixit is not at all been popular in the film industry by her acting however she was also won hearts of people by her dance. Madhuri Dixit is comprehended in those Actress who were been the part of the best films in bollywood industry and won hearts of their fans by dance and beauty. Madhuri Dixit presently comes at the top of the list.

Madhuri Dixit has erected a website to teach dance by which immense girls are being taught dance and now she is going to introduce a new application, it was announced by her recently in a social website tweeter that she is in a minute going to introduce in like manner application by which people will further learn dance and Madhuri Dixit named this app similar to her namely “Dance with Madhuri”. Madhuri Dixit worked in immense successful movies of bollywood in which “Hum Apkay Hain Kaun”, “Khaalnayak” and “Devdas” and others are comprehended. Let’s have a look over there that how artists are being strived to facilitate their lovable fans in the busy era well everybody knows that Madhuri Dixit is one of them who is being served their fans by social services.