Main Components of a Start-Up Forex Brokerage


Starting a new business is a challenging endeavour. The road to success is a winding one, and it can be challenging to juggle all the aspects of running a new business successfully, especially if you have a tight budget or lack the experience necessary to spot those potential pitfalls.

What if there was a solution? What if you could partner with a company who has the experience, can help you to avoid the hazards and can provide you with expert broker marketing solutions that have been tested in the field and proven successful. Better still, it is cost-effective, and you will retain your unique identity, maintaining a professional yet independent appearance.

Traders room

A Traders Room allows your clients to open and manage their accounts in a secure online environment. There they can make deposits, create/evaluate reports, access IB functionality and much more.

Liquidity providers

Connecting to a reputable liquidity provider will give your clients the ability to execute trades rapidly on the market at a much better cost.


A CRM allows brokers to keep track of their traders and business data in one convenient portal. The CRM includes all relevant operations, including client account opening procedures, financial management, trade reports, affiliate management, make call-backs and control client communications. The CRM is integrated with MetaTrader.

MT4 Trading Platform

The trading platform is the man tool a brokerage provided its clients. A reliable platform will provide all the essential tools and data necessary and will empower traders to make better trading decisions and better executions.


Current trends in technology have meant that online transactions are the norm. One of the essential aspects of operating a brokerage is facilitating online financial transactions safely and securely. Brokerages need a reliable payment service provider to take care of this part of their business. Depending on your location and customer base, several solutions may need to be provided.


Support is a component that is often overlooked but is critical to a brokerage’s success. B2B or B2C communication and support must be provided to a high standard to ensure operations are running smoothly, and customers are kept up to date and informed.

Affiliate network

Brokerages need a consistent flow of customers. Marketing campaigns will also need to be monitored and evaluated to identify where they have been successful. An established and mature affiliate network will increase profits considerably.


Branding is not just about having a fancy logo. It incorporates almost all aspects of a business. From the colours used on the website to the way a brokerage interacts with its customers online, a unique brand will stand out in a hyper-competitive market. A strong vision and professional qualities will help a brokerage acquire and keep many more customers.

Popcorn Technology offers all the above components as standard. Many other brokerages have utilised all these components to great success.

They require significantly less capital and maintenance than proprietary software. Better still, the entire system is white label allowing a new brokerage to market them as their own. It is the quickest and smartest route to market.