Malaysian pop singer Stracie Anam has been accepted Islam religion and converted into it Islam.


KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA: The well known pop star of Malaysia Stracie Anam has been reverted into Islam.

Fantasia Season Six winner came to the press conference wearing the Abaya and it was told by her that she has accepted Islam and now hers prior motive is to learn Islamic ways of life.

When a question was raised in connecting with her that is she accepted Islam because of her Muslim boyfriend so it was denied by her and further said that there is nothing like it she has been fallen in love with Islam and she was accepted Islam with full of confidence.

It is cleared before sometime rumors were being rounding in regarding of Stracie Anam that she has reverted into Islam and the rumor was proved truthful in reality she has accepted it that she loved Islam in a conference.

It is remembered that singer was born on 18th of August, 1990 while she was been well known after winning Fantasia Season Six.