Man cuts his wife’s nose and hairs in the name of honor killing


MUZAFFARABAD: Police of Azad Jammu Kashmir is searching the person who cut his wife’s nose and hair in the name of honour killing.

According to a Police Officer, the accused ‘Gul Farraz Alias Billa’ fled from the scene after cutting off his wife’s hairs and nose.

This terrified incident occurred in the Potha Village, 35 kilometers away from Rawalkot.This unfortunate incident occurred on March 8th, 2016, on International Women’s Day.

Her husband had prevented her from meeting with parents, due to which we had quarrels daily, the victim woman told to the Police.

The accused husband had doubts on his wife’s character, there were arguments between them every day. Although they had the love marriage five years ago, SHO Sardar Tariq told to the ‘Dawn’.

The victim woman was living with her parents because of quarrels since 4 to 5 months. However, she returned home after having compromised by her husband.

After bringing her back into the home, he tied her from the chair and then cut off her hairs and nose. Later, the woman’s brother had admitted her to the local hospital.

According to the Doctors, if the woman was brought at the hospital in time, her nose could be joined back. However, now she will undergo medical procedures based on three stages.

According to the SHO Tariq, presently the accused is on the run but they will arrest him soon. This is the first incident of its kind in Azad Kashmir.

It is clear that a horrified incident occurred in Azad Kashmir where a Man cuts his wife’s nose and hairs in the name of honor killing.