Media is responsible for crisis in Thar Sindh, Health Minister


MITHI: According to the Health Minister of Sindh ‘Jam Mehtab Dahar’, the situation of Thar is not bad as the media shows. Media is responsible for crisis in Thar, On Sunday because of malnutrition,2 more children died. This year, this number has reached 178.

Mehtab Dahar expressed satisfaction with the performance of doctors and medical staff while he was visiting to a Regional Civil Hospital of Thar. He claims that the government is doing everything possible to provide the best medical care in all areas of Sindh province.

We are unable to provide basic medical care in remote villages. But the provincial government has already provided facilities in major cities and regions. According to him, the media is trying to put a wedge issue between the PPP government and the people of Thar. But all such nefarious activities will be foiled.

Jam Mehtab Dahar further claimed that the provincial Government has done many efforts to provide the basic facilities to the people of Thar. Earlier to the arrival of Health Minister, the hospital administration as alleged, discharged some patients including children in order to normalize the situation showed the Minister of Health. Mehtab during the visit offered journalists to train them. Media should raise awareness to the illiterate people of Thar related to family planning and early marriages.