Medical Alert System Is for Everybody



We understand that the elderly are more vulnerable to get sick or have a severe medical condition. Hence a medical alert system like a personal alarm or GPS Tracking devices is essential for them. It is natural to assume that only those benefit from a medical alert system with :

  • Have been hospitalized and are being released to home care;
  • Serious allergies;
  • High blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy or arthritis;
  • Serious medical condition;
  • The routine of taking medications that cause drowsiness;
  • Motor disability.

But a purpose of the medical alert system and telecare equipment is not limited to elderly or people suffering from a severe medical issue; it is ideal for nearly every age group and helpful in almost every situation. A medical alert device provides peace of mind, safety, and security to not only those suffering from a medical condition but everybody who need immediate help but does not have a mobile phone in the vicinity.

Situations that prove a medical alert system is for everybody:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Burglary
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Working alone
  • Living alone
  • Kids are alone


What is the range of the system?

Your telecare equipment or medical alert system should have an expansive range. The pendant or bracelet will be wirelessly connected to the base station to alert the call center in case of emergency). The standard distance is 600 feet from the base station, but some efficient devices also have 1200 feet range.

Who will install the system?

Will you have to install the device and integrate it yourself or will the service provider do it? Remember to ask for the upfront cost of installation.

Is the system waterproof and does it have fall detection technology enabled?

Most of the telecare equipment and medical alert systems nowadays are waterproof, and they have an inbuilt fall detection technology to immediately raise the alarm for assistance, as soon as they detect a change in air pressure and wind movement.

Will it require a landline?

Ther are specific mobile-based technology equipment integrated with your landlines while many provide fully cellular for homes with mobile network coverage.

What are the payment plans available?

There are several TECS like SureSafe which facilitate easy monthly payment plan without any upfront cost.

What will be the total upfront cost to get started?

Some TECS charge equipment fee, installation fee, shipping fee, or security deposit. Before placing an order, ask for a breakdown of the total costs that you will be charged to get through installation and configuration.

Ensure your family members and loved one’s safety with these medical alert system and telecare equipment. You can purchase these premium products equipped with latest mobile technology at an affordable monthly payment with SureSafe wide range of personal alarms, fall detection alarms, no landline alarms.