Medical experts declared despair and anxiety hereditary disease.


WASHINGTON: Medical experts have expressed frustration inherent and said that sadness, anxiety and depression in children of patients may also suffer from these diseases.

Research by medical experts for the family ranges of 600 monkeys were studied in which anxiety and frustration associated with the monkeys and mental attitudes Imaging ( Imaging ) will see a connection between by that it was proved that both human and monkeys are transferred their genes of depression and frustration to their children which was predicted by human and children brain scans.

According to experts it was predicted by brain scans that Depression is caused by abnormal activity in brain circuits that can be moved from generation to generation. Hereinafter this research it is thought by experts that people suffering from depression that children will be able to achieve significant progress in treatment and in future we can be able to save by this disease.

It is cleared that the millions of human life due to severe depression fail to perform. This disease can push them toward suicide.