Medical experts found scabies treatment of cancer virus.


LONDON: Scientists out of sight the Firefighting concerns itching of skin cancer patients treated with a virus found. That treatment is known as “Virotherapy”. In which a disease treatment can do through another disease. Consequently to the experiments of experts this medicine will be available in coming year easily and the T-Vec name was given to it. Skin cancer from spreading inside the body will be possible to finish before.

It was further stated by the British Experts that Virotherapy firstly observed in contract with human through it relief of this process was cleared. Experts for this experiment accumulated 400 people who were included in likewise intensive skin cancer and their experiences during the drug trial and a patient medication every 4 extremely positive affect.

Hereinafter 16 % patient cancer after 6 months was totally finished while 10 % patients are thought that they were never comprehended in cancer. It was further stated by experts that in case this treatment does not cause cancer through 5 years later it would become a regular status. It is cleared that this treatment was taken by the experiment which was known as Virotherapy in which a disease treatment can do through another disease.