Meera has decided to record a song in English Language.


LAHORE: Actress Meera is totally crazy about speaking English but know she has decided to record a new song in English. The actress in this regard through her close friend of a few young singers from pop music to work on the plan of meetings is prepared during Meera will understand the way of singing a song there English pronunciation for the singing training shall be also taken by her.

As a result of Actress Meera nearer source that she was also shoot a video in America in recent few years. Thanks to video clip actress Meera wants to express her capabilities in the field of music. Another side it was also known that Actress Meera was also affected by two sisters that sang a song of Justin Bieber and been popular in contract with social media in a day and night.

In these days Actress Meera always being sung. It is remembered that Meera’s English is popular in all over Pakistan while all over the world now she wants to be popular in singing also she has taken her first step in this in the field of singing but the difficulty is this that she is interested to sing a song in English too now everybody knows what is going to be happened.