Mental Skills of Premier League Football Players That Could Also Change Your Life


Football is not for watching to entertain only. It is much more useful for you in many aspects, especially from the psychological aspects. Let’s discover.

Have you ever wondered why footballers of Premier League (PL) could perform well under excessive pressure, provocation, or under both of them at the same time?

Here, we are going to uncover top footballers’ mental skills leading them to their best performance. Good news is that, if you want, you can apply those skills to make changes in your life.

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Secrets about Premier League footballers’ mental skills

1. PL players have consultants on mental skills

I know that only think of having to open a bottle of water under millions of eyes’ watchful gaze may be enough to scare some of you. But, each weekend PL players have to show their capability, to goal for their team, remain calm at conflicts during the increasing heat of competition. 

Well, first of all, you may agree with me that confidence or composure is not the gift for all people. As well, among football players in general and PL footballers, such two traits are not natural for the majority of them. It means that they must learn how to be confident. 

There is the same rule for other traits. So, how do they learn?

The biggest secret regarding the way PL players acquire mental skills turn out that they have their psychological consultants. For the remaining parts, they may do like the way someone must do to build their physical muscles: Practice, practice, and practice.

2. What does the PL players’ set of mental tools and mental techniques include?

Yes, as you may think of, there are different tools and techniques that they need. If you want, try if you can name more skills than the ones listed below:

  • Maintaining confidence
  • Self-talking positively
  • Managing anger
  • Managing anxiety
  • Triggering mood
  • Refocus rapidly

While you watch them on your TV screen or at the stadium, those of their skills seem to invisible to you. In reality, the skills are activating to create the impacts that are tangible for you to see and admire. In other words, mental skills serve as psychological weapons for PL football players in every football match (actually, everywhere and every time). 

3. Bases to develop mental skills for PL players

For those who have love with digging in the lower levels of each issue you encounter, I want to say that all psychologists help their customers build up their mental skills based on scientific bases. Within the scope of skills mentioned above, it is grounded in neuroscience.

Thanks to the development and improvement of neuroscience, together with technology, today scientists know that elite performance is all about the pre-frontal lobe of the human brain. Based on that, excellent sports psychologists design useful (and usually unique) methods for their players to acquire vital skills that turn them into leading players on football fields.

Our pre-frontal lobe is responsible for mental tasks like being awareness, anticipating, and making decisions. When this area is free and in the state of firing, it allows us to give most-wanted decisions quickly. If you let it overload, neither should-give nor quick decisions are made. 

While hormone cortisol makes the frontal lobe function ineffectively, dopamine boosts our confidence. The former triggers once the negative thoughts and self-criticism appear, the latter releases upon the positive language of someone to us or our energized self-talk. Also, noradrenaline and Dehydroepiandrosterone enable the effective firing of our prefrontal lobe. 

For such reasons, players are urged to use the designed techniques that could keep their pre-frontal lobe free or to avoid firing wrong chemicals or hormones.

Our brain has a part named the reticular activating system. It functions to make us pay attention to what we value essential. That’s the reason why if we want something, we see it everywhere.

Details of PL players’ techniques to practice for good mental skills that you can learn from

So far, you have known that if you haven’t had some qualities as PL players have, it is not a big deal. It is just the matter that there isn’t a psychologist counseling you what to do. 

More importantly, you are a good learner, you could learn from your loved players; just need to show you how to make your pre-frontal lobe be at it most sufficient state, right?

So, here are what PL players do that you can learn from:

To have a clear mind, self-talk effectively.

There is a technique preventing Automatic Negative Thoughts that PL players use frequently. Whenever they perceive that they are thinking negatively, they convert them into positive thoughts.

For those who get angry easily, they have golden keywords of their own. For example, when conflicts happen, and everything gets heated, they might say just one word “Ice” and become calmer.

To be confidence, mind your body language

Players are trained that their physiology and their mental state interlink. Hence, they should hold their heads up so that their brains are alert; the view level of their eyes should not be too low; dominant poses can increase the level of testosterone that boosts their confidence, and so on. 

To quickly move on after failures, try symbolic actions

Consultants teach the players that if they make mistakes, it is crucial to overcome it quickly and move on. It is simple but effective to drop blades of grass or to wipe their shirts.

To well focus, pick up three things

Focusing is of importance to prevent mistakes. Players should focus on three things only so that they can control those things excellently.

Additionally, they are advised to focus on simple goals. This seem-to-be-simple strategy leads them to identify, and as a result, to seize more significant opportunities. 


A Premier League might not know anything about the brain, prefrontal lobes, hormones or things like that, but they still perform well because they have their experts training their mental skills.

However, trying to know a bit about our brain each day, learning from the way that elite football players do, and applying such knowledge to improve our mental strengths may be necessary and fun.

This short article hasn’t provided you with many other things you want to know. However, all useful pieces of information that I want to introduce to you first have been packed in it. I hope you enjoy the information you have read. 

Let’s share the article if you think it should be done. Thank you so much.