Mika Singh has been arrested in Delhi.


India’s popular singer has been arrested during a live concert because he slapped a doctor in that concert. There is allege in contract with Mika Singh that he slapped a doctor namely Shri Kant in live concert. This year in April FIR was registered against singer by a doctor in New Delhi’s internal police Station and in which the harm was charged with indecent acts towards.

According to Times of India today he has been taken in custody at New Delhi however it is hoped that he will be soon released hence bell. Consequently to Media Reports Mika Singh during performances male doctors told us to go bit right and left side of the stage while the female doctors had to stay in front of the stage.

However mean time a doctor tried to go in the portion of female doctors hereinafter Mika was been furious and called that doctor near to him and tightly slapped him and then handed him over the guards. According to Mika Singh he doctor intoxicated at the time of the incident, the women’s section of the concert was to go on which he slapped the doctor while it is narration of doctor Shri Kant that

Mika Singh insulted him when he slapped him on stage. Viral Video of the incident was on the Internet , which beat Mika Singh, a doctor can be seen.