Minimalism in Exhibition Design — Creating a Sleeker Trade Show Display


Trade shows are about two things — trade and shows. You need to put on a good show for your trade to take off. It truly is as simple as that. And speaking of simplicity, the recurring trend of less is more has slowly been creeping out of its shell and right into the spotlight of some of the most visually effective trade show displays.

So, why go small when it seems the world of exhibition design is all about going big and pompous? Let’s see.

The Drive for More Is a Common Disease

When you are thinking about your trade show display, your number one determinant should be people — what they expect to see, what would impress them, how willing are they to interact with design and visuals, etc. We live in a hyper-modern age where technology lets us tap into a greater pool of information which leads to overload. That information extends to your display, too. Too many props, flashing lights, and the mentality of “something for everyone” naturally lead to people diverting from you. It’s just too much for them to wrap their minds around.

Minimalism Seems to Be the Answer

If you are in a technology-based industry, you cannot afford to fall behind. Minimalism has been the reigning king in fields where sustainable solutions are the new normal. What works for such trade show visitors? Here are some trade show display ideas inspired by the minimalistic approach you might find useful.

#1 Before you give solutions, ask questions

2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Socrates concluded that the secret to happiness is not in seeking more but in learning to enjoy with less. That happens through the expansion of one’s imagination. And the best way to achieve that is by asking a mind-boggling question that provokes. It can literally be a black vinyl banner with a simple “Who do you think about when you are thinking about somebody?” or “Do pigs fly?” It all depends on your goal and your industry, of course.

#2 Remove the clutter, free the space for actual interaction

When people are busy trying out a ton of activities, they might be too distracted or too tired to interact with you after you have hooked them on your piece of technology. Instead, feed them a little, and let hunger drive them to you. Create the idea of scarcity instead of over-saturation and watch it unfold. Make room for your staff to sit down (chill on a hammock if you will) and talk business.

#3 Bright colors aren’t catchy anymore

The past was all about making your trade show display more colorful than the one before, and that signaled a promise for greater entertainment to the audience. That is no longer the case. Minimalism is about humble colors but, ironically, grandeur in shapes. You may have only two pieces of furnishing on your display, but make sure you play around with their shape and functionality. Think curves and edges together with multi-purpose chairs, desks, and tables. Doing so shows you put thought into everything you do instead of just creating a mini circus for the crowd.

Less is more. Try it and see the difference!