Miss Pakistan America, Aatka Feroz coming Pakistan for acting


LAHORE: Miss Pakistan America Aatka Feroz coming Pakistan for acting. In the City of New Jersey, she was crowned “Miss Pakistan World” she was declared the “12th Miss Pakistan World”.

In contract with the 14th of September in USA (United States of America) she was declared the winner of 2014’s “Miss Talent” and she has also planned to go to international beauty pageants for representing Pakistan in contract with the International Platform.

It is great achievement that the Aatka Feroz was just 19 years old when the title of “Miss Pakistan World” was won by her.

The Youngest Model who won the title of Miss Pakistan in USA (United States of America) Aatka Feroz has been decided to arrive in Pakistan for acting in Lollywood Industry.

She will be arrived in Pakistan in the beginning of next year and then will be given the final shape to the offers of important roles which are being offered by different Production Houses.

It was told to “Express” by Aatka Feroz when she was talking to America that I had very soon decided to set foot in the profession of acting but before it that was very necessary that I will select any such like platform by which I will have my own identification.

For which I was participated in competition “Miss Pakistan” which was held in Canada and USA (United States of America) for which I was truly supported by my family.

In this competition so many Pakistani famous Actresses and Models were participated but in this competition the judges selected me as a winner and the Crown of “Miss Pakistan” was set in contract with my head by the judges.

Hereinafter the winning of this great title I was also participated in more and more competitions and fashion shows of USA (United States of America) while that was not at all enough I was also shown my skills inside of different songs videos.

During this period I was also offered by some famous producers who are belonged to Karachi. They offered me for different Dramas and Films but I had just a demand that I have to do such like roles which will be immense challenging in all shapes.

Hereinafter this demand I refused to accept these offers rather out of sight few the process of communication has been commenced. Now in this regards I have been prepared to arrive in Pakistan.

It was further added by the Great Model and Miss Pakistan Aatka Feroz that I am living in USA (United States of America) and so many Producers of Bollywood Industry are known to me but the very first priority of me is My Beloved Country Pakistan and I also want to start my acting career also out of sight Pakistan.

In the Cities of Pakistan Karachi and Lahore I will meet Producers in this regards now and hereinafter which the project will be liked by me so I will surely signed it and them in the profession of Acting I will start my inning.

It is remembered that there are many of people who loves their country more than themselves while a great example of it is in front of us whose name is Aatka Feroz, she is the lady who won “Miss Pakistan” crown and was representing Pakistan, she is really patriotic because she knows whatever she is.

It’s due to her native country and now she is ready to move back to Pakistan to offering her services. It is repeated once again that she just gave priority to her country.