Miss Pakistan World Beauties entries in film industry


Pakistan film industry new journey has begun. Educated youth has handed over the rein of industry and now where financiers are coming forward to invest more and more, there corporate sector’s interest is enhancing in this main field.

Our neighbor country film industry ‘Bollywood’ is successful now just because foreign countries financiers rather such people also play a vital role to access in an international market. Their services cannot define in words.

It is not enough, the winners of ‘Miss World Pageant’ Ashwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Datta have made the Indian film industry popular in all over the planet. These beauties showed their essence of acting. There, also thanks to them, Indian films got chances of releasing in all over the planet. On the other hand, where in Pakistani films usual stories presented. In spite of introducing new faces, chances were given to old artists. The result came in front of us in the form of crisis.

For preventing from such crisis and for supporting to Pakistan film industry. Sonia Ahmed has decided to set foot in the film industry, remember that she is also President of Miss Pakistan World contest and did hold the beauty contest consisting on Pakistani beauties, this contest held in Canada and America.

She will cast Anzhelika Tahir, Shanzay Hayat and Ramina Ashfaque winners of the title ‘Miss Pakistan World’ in her upcoming film as actresses while she will also introduce young boys as actors. In this regard, she has started working on its story regularly. Whereby, all three beauties are concentrating in her fitness, dances and acting.

Sonia Ahmed while giving a special interview to ‘Express-News’, first time Miss Pakistan World Pageant held in Canada, 2002. So, I did not think that one-day it will be popular in all around the world and young boys and girls will be eager to be a part of it. but, as time passed and good response of people made me more and more strong. The journey began from Canada arrived to the United States of America and now western countries will be my destination.

It is clear that my heart always beats for Pakistan. This is the cause that I have decided to make a film for supporting Pakistani film industry. In this international film 3 Miss Pakistan World will play the central role. Because of it, our films will not only showcase in Pakistan rather these will possibly showcase in America, Canada, Middle East, Europe and even in India. I do not think, there is any lack of talent in Pakistan. Instead of the resources, here new films were being made. But now technique of film making, its promotion and marketing has been completely changed.

That way the Bollywood film accessed in the international market through the beauties who won Miss World title and been the part of Bollywood film industry. Likewise for the Pakistan film industry promotion and accessing to international market, filmmakers have to select Miss Pakistani World because, such beauties can do acting and dance skillfully. That’s why I also signed them as a filmmaker and in next few months, after paperwork I will come in Pakistan then shooting will begin. I hope that when these because will come on big screen so, audience will move towards cinemas together with their families. Pakistan film will get a good platform to jump in most countries.