Modern Day Challenges While Creating A Video For Your Next Youtube Intro


YouTube is the second largest online platform right after Google. Here, various influencers and creators show their talent with a wide audience. If you are a talented or creative individual with a certain skill set, the chances of your video going viral are pretty high.

While the content is a good idea for the successful creation of your YouTube video, it is important to check whether such content is suitable for your viewers or not.

Talking about that, a YouTube creator certainly needs to be innovative in various domains. One such thing that needs creativity is a good intro for your YouTube Videos. Hence, in this article, find out the benefits of a good YouTube intro with the challenges that most influencers face during their creation in today’s time.

What Are The Benefits of a Good YouTube Intro?

There are many YouTubers who start the video by coming straight to the content without featuring any intros. Although that can be done, there are certain benefits of a YouTube video with a good intro. Go through the following points to get a better idea.

  • First of all, creating an intro for your video would be praised by many users. Yes, you read it right. The users are very likely to appreciate the efforts that you are putting in to woo them with creativity.
  • It will render you more viewers. With an attractive YouTube intro, you are very likely to get more viewers and subscribers. This is due to the fact that a catchy intro will become a good reason for your subscribers to watch your videos.
  • You will look more professional. Systematic implementation of all the elements can help you look professional in your field. Thus, introducing your videos with intros will help you look like an expert in the area. It will also help your viewers to know your content.
  • YouTube is filled with talent. Thus, with an efficient YouTube intro, you will be able to enlighten your viewers with the type of content you will be uploading on your channel.

Challenges Faced While Creating YouTube Intro Video

Now that we know the benefits of creating a good YouTube intro – let’s take a thorough look into some of the challenges that a YouTuber faces while creating them.

Watermark: Is there any video editor without watermark?

This is the first question we ask ourselves after spending quite some time searching for the perfect video maker. There are a lot of software and online tools for creating and editing YouTube videos. However, most of them have a watermark that can look unprofessional in your video.

A watermark is a symbol of the video editor that you will be using. Thus, when you create any video using such software, your YouTube intro can lose its charm. To remove the watermark from the video, you would have to get the premium version of it.

However, to get rid of such an issue, one can surely opt for a video creator that does not have a watermark. For this, you need to go through the features of the application before downloading and using it in the first place.


Another challenge faced by the influencers while creating a YouTube intro is the choice of music for the same. There are a lot of issues with copyright and the need for the perfect video editor to fuse the music within the intro.

This can be quite annoying as music is an important entity for precise video creation. However, with the availability of software with free slideshow maker with music, one can easily get the music of their choice to be put into the YouTube Intro.

Lack of Ideas

As mentioned earlier, creativity and innovation are the keys to the production of a successful YouTube Intro. However, many times we tend to fall into a lack of ideas for its creation. This is something we have all faced at some point in time. Hence, this holds true for YouTubers as well.

Therefore, one can get rid of such problems by simply following other YouTubers of the same genre. Inspect what they are doing and implement an innovative twist to it. Make sure not to copy it completely as you can be easily flagged for plagiarism. Don’t forget to make it different yet attractive.

Perfect Video Dimension

Out of the many struggles of creating a YouTube Intro, one of the most common ones remains the video dimension of it. The height and width of a video are measured in pixels and are called its dimensions. If you do not get the perfect dimension for the video, it can appear clumsy and lazy.

The minimum dimension for a YouTube video is 426*240, while the maximum remains 3840*2160. On the other hand, the aspect ratio should be 9:16. There are many editors available to get the perfect video dimensions for YouTube as well. You can opt for any one of them for the right video dimensions.

Video Quality

Being a YouTuber, you need to deliver a video that is high in quality. The better your video quality will be, the more likely you are to gain subscribers and viewers.

Make sure that you use a good camera for recording. In some cases, your phone camera can be used to capture high-quality videos as well. However, certain video creating software can decrease the quality of the video during the editing cycle.

Moreover, you may get suggestions for buying the premium version of the application to get high-quality video editing. Thus, for such issues, you need to check the details of your video creator before downloading or purchasing the same.


To summarize, these were some of the modern-day challenges faced by a creator for the creation of a good YouTube intro. It is very important for any YouTuber as it certainly shows their dedication and professional attitude towards their channel.

However, creators sometimes face problems during their creation. Sometimes, those problems can be related to the video creator software. In other scenarios, the content can be the culprit as well. Hence, make sure you always look for ways to instill your creativity and innovation.