Modi pushed Mark Zuckerberg to take a photo.


NEW YORK/NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister of India Narendar Modi confused when looked at camera and pushed back to Mark Zuckerberg founder of Face book on which video of them rocked on social media.

Millions of people strictly criticized to Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi. The love of Indian Prime Minister with camera was not at all hidden to anyone that is being expressed time to time by his selfies.

According to Indian News Website IBN Live Narendar Modi during his visit to America at the Face Book Town Hall when he was being met with Founder of Face book Narendar Modi showed expression of love to the camera in a very varied manner.

Hereinafter the meeting with Face book CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Mark Zuckerberg when COO (Chief Operating Officer) Sheryl Sandberg was being served gift to Narendar Modi so betimes Mark Zuckerberg came into front of camera.

So Narendar Modi pushed him and came into front of camera. Mark Zuckerberg on this occasion wanted to tell him something but he could not know that he was being hurdle between the Narendar Modi and camera.

On the social media this video was rocked. Millions of people severely criticized the conduct of Modi and also gave different comments.

The several funny reactions in contract with social media are being enhanced day by day. Doing the rounds here are some gems doing the round.