Most Effective Goal-setting Plan You Will Ever Need


Do you know why people are facing a complication in achieving their short-term goals and even long-term goals?

Because they don’t set goals every week, as if you suggest weekly goals, then it must be easy to achieve them, and you can further move to your other short-term goal and also on long-term goals.

Do you want success in your life?

Yeah! Everyone wants to!

Short-term goals (set weekly goals, set monthly goals, set yearly goals) gives you a tremendous path to achieve great success in your life.

So, I recommend you to set small-small goals every week!

Focus on only 1-2 primary goals

Now, you’ve examined how you’re spending time each week. Let’s switch all appliances for a moment. Figure out what your primary goal is in the month or week.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you have two primary goals—one is career-related, and another one is personal, but I wouldn’t recommend you to choose more than 1-2.

It is the hardest aspect or thing for most people because choosing one big goal to pursue needs connection to purpose and extreme focus.

Set Goals every week(sub-goals)

Once you’ve created your 1-2 primary goals, set weekly sub-goals for every one, the great idea is that your weekly sub-goals would very clearly be related to your accomplishing your 1-2 significant goals for the month.

For Example:

90% of work that doesn’t succeed in achieving a ton of results:

You are using social media in an inconsiderable amount throughout the day

You are taking too many meetings in one week, etc.

Existential Depression In Gifted Individuals

Have you experienced any type of existential depression and anxiety in your whole life?

It is my experience that talented and gifted persons are more likely to experience depression, which is referred to as an existential depression.

Does this sound familiar?

A story of existential depression may be precipitated in anyone by a significant loss or the threat of an injury that focuses on the transient nature of life, persons who have the high intellectual ability have more chances to experience existential depression immediately.

Need Help-it’s ok to talk

If you feel and experience which most others don’t!

If you are forced by the gap between what could be and what is both in others, yourself, and the full world!

Then there are many chances that you might be a trailblazer!

Do you ever listen to this terminology?


Trailblazer is a moment at which a particular person has a question if their life has a purpose, meaning, or value.

And you just need help at this stage. We are always here for you!

How To Tackle With Existential Depression

  • Feel the uncertainty
  • Talk to Someone
  • Accept the uncertainty
  • Focus On what you can do
  • Grieve
  • Embrace differences.

Existential crisis and depression is a severe condition, one that is sometimes overlooked by healthcare professionals or mistaken for some other terminology.

Try to Understand what it is and where it comes from. It can help you to find the issue and address an effective treatment.