Movie Trends in the Nearest Future


Almost all people adore movies and eagerly go to the cinema. They anxiously wait until a new film out of their favorite franchise appears on the big screens or at least in the blue-ray. Some folks don’t have a favorite franchise and simply visit cinemas to enjoy different genres. Therefore, the experts from  have decided to focus on certain movie trends of the upcoming months and years. Some of them are about to begin. The others should take a couple of years or so.

  • The next phase from Marvel

The 3rd phase from Marvel Studios is over. The results are amazing, as well as the money earned by the company. The last film of the franchise Avengers: Endgame has finally managed to beat the record of Avatar. Therefore, millions of followers from every corner of the globe await the next phase. It will be a completely new stage of Marvel’s evolution. Although some of the well-known characters remain, the followers will see new projects with new characters and stories.

Thus, a new grand project is known as Eternals. This new story isn’t yet related to Avengers and so, people are full of predictions and expectations. The cast is also great. For example, we’ll see Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, and others. What to expect? The bosses of the studio give only some brief parts of information. Nonetheless, the show will be surely amazing.

  • Star Wars: the end and the beginning

Star Wars is one of the most successful and popular franchises in the history of cinematography. The franchise has 8 main movies and two interludes. The whole saga is based on the story of the most powerful family of Jedi – Skywalkers. The 9th episode will be the culmination and the end of Skywalkers. Nevertheless, the sage of Star Wars and tides of secrete power does not end!

It will live on and the story will be continued. Benioff and Weiss, the screenwriters and showrunners of famous fantasy saga Game of Thrones were named the new screenwriters of Star Wars. Afterward, they stepped away from the project. Still, it won’t stop the Lucasfilm from continuation. The story will go on. Will the heroes of the last three episodes remain? Where can the plot hit next? These are vital questions. Fortunately, we’ll receive the answerers approximately in 2022. So, cheer up!

  • Special movie ticket subscriptions

It’s also worth mentioning the possibilities to watch favorite shows in the cinema. Various giants of cinematography started to practice ticket subscriptions. Thus, AMC Theaters have attracted millions of people offering their specific A-Plan. People recognized multiple benefits in visiting cinemas to watch their favorite shows.

Although shows rarely appear on the big screen, this revolutionary project has great perspectives. People won’t miss the episodes and will see them in a new format as the common movies. Such brands like Sinemia and Cinemark’s Movie Club also launch the same projects. Accordingly, other giants will join the new stream as well.