Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan’s film “PK” will also be released in China.


The movie which was very popular at Box Office has been dubbed in Chinese Language and going to release in China very early. In regarding about film’s releasing a contract will be signed inside of 2 or 3 days, in like manner “PK” will only a movie which will shown in China with Chinese translation. Aamir Khan is very famous in China due to his acting, his film “3 Idiots” was also uppermost popular among the people of China.

The China’s film industry is considered a huge industry where the quantity of big cinemas are more than 100 and while the quantity of small and large screens are more than 23 thousands and 600 hundreds by which yearly 4 Arab 48 Crore dollars are earned that’s why India is striving and trying a lot to showing its’ films in China. Consequently to officials, the exchange of films between the two countries and has broad prospects for joint film-making and in the recent year a contract was signed between both countries when the China’s President was visited to India. After it China and India has commenced to work jointly in a film which name is “King Fiyoga” and Jacky Chain will show his acting skills in it.