Muslims of Indian demanded to ban on vegetables on the occasion of Bakra Eid.


NEW DELHI: In India a Muslim person filled a petition in the court that in which he demanded to ban on vegetables during Eid.

It was said by a Muslim standup comedian Falah Faisal in his petition that the meat was being banned many times because of religion grounds.

In this sense, being a minority in the country, we are justified in saying that a feast of vegetables in the country should ban because plants have also some feelings.

Earlier it Indian Government was also banned on the purchasing and selling upon meat on the occasion of “Jain Dharam religious festival Paryushana Parva” that is being celebrated in the month of August and September.

It was further added in the petition by the Indian citizen that Chemical contaminants also are being used to grow vegetables and ban should be on vegetable for a day and those who love to eat vegetables should keep fast of a day that will be better for their health.

They can starve for vegetable for a day easily such like Muslims are being fast during the month of Ramadan.

It was further added by the petitioner Falah Faisal that out of sight leaving one day vegetable will be save and farmers will have an opportunity to be relax for a day.

It was further added by Faisal that hereinafter the ban in case any vegetarian want to eat anything else so visit at my home and enjoy mutton rice together with me.

The petition which was filled in the court more than 200 people has been signed in contract with petition.

At last it was stated in the petition by the petitioner Falah Faisal that “The Prophet was wanted to sacrifice his son” so we can also give up vegetable for a day I hopes it and 490 supporters are away to get this goal successful.