Muslims should not at all be a presidential candidate.


WASHINGTON: It was said by the Republican Party’s Presidential Candidate Ben Carson in America that Any Muslim should not at all American Presidential Candidate because Islam is never incompatible to American Constitution.

It was said by him when he was being talked to Foreign News Agency during an event namely “Meet the Press” that I will never support it that we make any Muslim the Leader of this Nation, I never agreed with it.

There is no value of religious meaning for American Presidency. A question was raised to American Presidential Candidate that will he support any Muslim Candidate so he replied that this is another thing which depends that Who Muslim is he? What are policies of him?.

Another side The Ben Carson described the controversial Jewish senator expressed disappointment over the Christian community which is known as the process of consolidation.

Such like “The Council on American- Islamic Relations ( CAIR )” expressed its reaction in contract with the statement of Ben Carson and said that he should leave Presidential race in a minutes because in case he does not know the constitution or he does not at all have any respect in regarding him. There is no need of any religious test to be on any position.

It was earlier said another side by the Democratic Party candidate who is billionaire Donald Trump that Muslims are the “Best” and “Great” ones but United States has concerns to some Muslims and those who keeps extremists ideas.

It was further added by American Presidential Candidate Ben Carson that in case anybody is belonged to Muslim Religion so he should reject the way of his life which is being followed by him and should be a head to constitution more than their religion.