My family refuses to accept me, says Sunny Leone


MUMBAI: According to the Indo-Canadian adult movie star and model ‘Sunny Leone’, everyone has accepted her in India if someone did not accept me so it is her own family.

People do not know many aspects of her life. In everyone’s life, unpleasant things happen but we have to move along with them and such like happened with me. My kiths and kin don’t like to me, even they don’t like to talk to me. I have been accepted by all over the India but who didn’t accept me, they are only my relatives. But now I don’t care about them. It’s their right to think anything about me. Now my brother, husband, my husband’s family and friends are only my relatives because they are the people who always stand with me in my good and bad times. They love me with all my sins and goodness, said by Sunny Leone in an interview.

She always believed in perseverance and hard work. Everything doesn’t happen overnight, to arrive at any destination, you have to constantly struggle. She believes that it is not hard to climb stairs of success for any women in Indian Society. But her personal opinion is that if a woman is courageous and intelligent so nothing is impossible for her. The lifestyle of the United States and India is completely different. Indeed, United States society is quite open compared to India. But India’s culture and societal values make it unique.

It is clear that according to the statement that my family refuses to accept me, says Sunny Leone.