NASA discovered ten new planets like Earth.


The temperature of unplaced planet is probably where life can be found. The Kepler Space Telescope Mission ‘has discovered fifty new planets in space outside of the solar system.

NASA has said that the kepler Space Scope Mission’ of the company has discovered ten new planets similar to Earth and almost potentially residual.

NASA has said that discovery ten planets are rotating around the sun like our earth and in their own solar system, the distance from the sun to their planet is almost the same.

Like ours land far from solar system of sun. This distance is called “Goldy Lotus Zone”. Where possible, some kind of life can be found.

In this seven planets distance from the sun is as much as Earth and our sun distance.

It does not even mean that evidence of any life has been found on those planets, but the possibility of being “worthy living” of these planets is too high.

Chances of discover more planets.

Captain Telescope has discovered the potentially “worthy living” fifty planets during his four-year journey of the planet’s discovery.

There are hundreds of galaxies in this universe, one of which is a galaxy called “milky way” or “elite lion”.

The kepler Mission has just reviewed a brief section of the galaxy. During this visit, this telescope has reviewed about 1.5 million planets, whereas the total number of planets in the galaxy is in billions.

Experts thought before the kepler mission that the like earth planets have no more than a percentage in “Milky way”.

But after this mission it is now being said that this ratio is about 60 percent.