Natural Ways to Conceive, Stress Management & Fertility Education



A woman in her 20s enjoys the natural privilege of biological, physiological and psychological favor that goes down as she advances in the age.

Fertility education for Conceiving at the Right Age-

Biologically, it is the best time to get pregnant and start a family as a female is at her fertility peaks during the 20s. She is born with 1-2 million eggs that downsize to 3L- 5L until she reaches puberty and further releases only 300 eggs during her reproductive years.

When you decide on to conceive after the 20s, the probability of negative consequences rises proportionally. Your ovaries start to lose their efficiency and the eggs produced are more prone to possessing genetic anomalies causing birth-defects and other diseases like Down syndrome.

The risk of miscarriages also goes up with your age-

  • 10% Risk in the 20s
  • 12% risk in the 30s
  • 18% risk in the late 30s
  • 34% risk in the early 40s
  • 53% risk in 45 years of age

You tend to remain in your utmost health during your 20s with lesser chances of diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and gynecological problems like uterine fibroids.

Other complications that a female can face after her pregnancy in the 30s include giving birth to premature or low birth-weight baby.

Physiological Advantage to an Early Conception-

Physiologically, a female is best capable of taking care of her baby with her partner during her entire 20s. She is energetic enough to be available to the baby at any point in time be it the midnight, the day or the evening without affecting her daily routine unlike during the 30s.

As the baby grows, she can provide baby with the extra care and attention required by a growing child that includes playing and getting involved with the child.

Psychological factor-

A female in her 20s remains psychologically filled with enthusiasm with a lower level of stress and tension.

Late pregnancy even affects the whole marriage and parenting with both the partners at their ultimate psychological maturity tend to get along with their respective ways.

Infertility Problem-

There is a cascade of events that kick in as soon as you undermine the natural sequence of events.

As a female touches the 30s, it becomes a pressurized situation for her to getting pregnant and keeping calm at the same time, in the Indian society. Infertility Centres in India helps you with all the infertility problems with its wide range of cutting-edge technologies. The Centre has helped couples experience parenthood with a whopping 50-60 % rate of successful pregnancies.

Stress Factor

Infertility also causes stress to be a common part and parcel of life. Things fall apart with impatience, frustration, and exasperation. Therefore, this condition calls for a Stress management to bring things back on a track that is required while undergoing infertility treatment at Rana Fertility Centre.

The female can even experience late periods due to hormonal changes. Stress negatively affects not only the conception while undergoing infertility treatments but also the normal fertilization process involving sexual intercourse.

Even when the surgeries and medically available technologies can fix infertility, it is equally essential to bring down the high levels of stress to overcome the additional adversities in conception.

Stress Management-

Meditation, yoga, acupuncture and progressive muscle relaxation can bring the stress down. Cutting back your caffeine intake, listening to your favorite music and regular exercise is also hugely helpful.

Infertility fixes-

With technologies like IUI, (Intrauterine Insemination), IVF (In-vitro fertilization-Test Tube Baby), Surrogacy, ICSI/IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), it is much easier to attain parenthood now.

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