Nawaz Sharif and Narendar Modi meeting is tragic.


NEW DELHI: Hindu extremist Shiv Sina called the meeting of Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi and his counter part Nawaz Sharif tragic that The BJP – led coalition will not progress.

According to Indian News Agency that it was narrated by the leader of Shiv Sina Hindu Extremist Party that this is unfortune Narendar Modi talked to Nawaz Sharif in this circumstance when there is not at all a changed was observed in boundaries.

It was further said that according to me Narendar Modi is able to change such circumstance and neighbor countries should also learn lesson out of sight him.

It was further said by Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi must think before to meet Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that his hands are not red with the blood of our soldiers?.

We hope that Narendar Modi must teach lesson to Pakistan. We thought Myanmar after the operation that Pakistan will learn lesson out of sight it but it was not happened but it will soon happen.