New Actresses are sexually harassed for joining film industry


MUMBAI: The well-known Bollywood actress “Kangana Ranaut”, admitted that she was sexually harassed during the start of her career in Bollywood film industry.

The Bollywood Actress Kangana began her artistic career in Bollywood film industry in the year of 2006 from the movie “Gangster”. Since then, she has made her satisfactory place in the filming world. While the Kangana always chooses work carefully in the selection of movies, she has shown her wonderful acting in several blockbuster movies. However, now she has uncovered the secrets of entering in the film world.

Kangana admitted during interview that if you think for setting foot in film industry people help you, in fact, this is not the reality. Some people may be apparently helping you but they just use you for their own interest. At the age of just 17, when I set foot in film industry, I also had to face physical abuse. Kangana Ranaut said, during the interview that the man who physically harassed and abused me, was the age of my father. He beaten me constantly so much so that I had head injury and blood came out from it, so, I hit him with my sandal on his head, but unfortunately, the man was much stronger than me. Resultantly, I ran and reached at police station and filed FIR against him. That time was very difficult and torment-full for me. I cannot forget that time anyhow.

At the moment, Kangana Ranaut is busy in the shooting of her upcoming movie “Rangoon”.