New battery invented who charge mobile by human body


To provide continuous power smartphones and mobile devices today have become a headache and a side for the batteries is made more effective the other hand, has been working on new ways to charge these devices but still China the news that he has developed a model to charge the battery Body Heat.

Huaxin China University of Science and Technology experts have made a strip-like item that can be worn with smart watches and other small devices, and it may be the future of small generator. Worn devices such as smart watches and can be made by connecting the monitors to track the health power. In addition, it can be worn as a part of the dress.

If you fall asleep wearing a belt the night makes small appliances will be charged, however, experts have electricity physical heat that has a strip of adhesive on the body and this leads to a prison electricity as plastic in . The human body temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, the level that could have been so much power and this difference is often sides Settings.

It is the first sample strip of adhesive forms a volt of electricity on the human body while the 5 volts needed to charge the iPhone battery. But there is little that makes a sticker only 0.3 micro-watts of electricity 8 cm. Experts believe that this system can be further improved and be able to charge a smartphone in the future