New Zealand 91-years old woman jump over the bridge and surprised the people.


AUCKLAND: New Zealand 91-years old woman was jumped upon the bridge and surprised the people over there. When she was out from jumping platform so people was spectacular enthusiasm, The brave and bold lady Marry Mansoon whose was awarded the title of “Super Granny” in contract with her bravery. She has set newest example by jumping over the bridge at the age of 91-years.

It was voiced by her that it had an immense surprising and joyful experience. I have determined strongly that I must jump and when I come out from jumping platform then I was admired by the people a lot. It was further voiced by her that I am very naughty out of sight my childhood and in case my husband is alive then he not at all give me permission to do that, it is cleared that Mansoon started hers’ jumping career in 2008 when she was 84-years old and now it is surprising to you to know that 91-years old Marry has 7 children, 18 grand son and grand daughter, 35 great grandson and great granddaughter and a son of great grandson.