Non-Bailable arrest warrants issued of Meera.


LAHORE: Meera was not appeared in court of Lahore so Non-Bailable arrest warrants have been issued of Meera. Meera’s former husband Atiq-ur-Rehman was filled a case against her that she was gotten married again when she was married earlier and had not divorced by me.

Hereinafter Judicial Magistrate gave orders to arrest her. Before it Atiq-ur-Rehman was alleged in contract with Meera and also filled a case that she gotten married first except it again gotten married with Captain Naveed. Meera was summoned in court several times but she was not appeared at once after which court issued hers non-bailable arrest warrants.

Hereinafter the conflict between Atiq and Meera. Meera was denied that she got married with Atiq Atiq alleged on Meera that she wanted to kill him and also stole things from house.

Another side Meera also alleged on Atiq that he wanted to kill her. After the news of Meera and Naveed Atiq came on Media and alleged on Meera that she is already in marriage with me so she cannot get marry again.