North Korea declared new global sanctions as a war


North Korea says that the new economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations are a war against North Korea.

According to the Foreign News Agency, the North Korean Foreign Ministry in its response to the new economic sanctions imposed on the United Nations General Assembly on North Korea says that new sanctions are to hazard it to the economic crisis; the United States intensifies its nuclear power. Trying to do and the pressure to increase the strict sanctions of our country is increasing.

North Korea strongly condemns the UN sanctions in its statement, saying that this move is based on North Korea’s autonomy and the measures of war.

North Korean sanctions have been imposed by the United Nations on the new ballistic missile experiment, which was drafted by the US, while North Korea is already facing sanctions from the US and the European Union.

Earlier, United State’s Donald Trump welcomed the new sanctions against the North Korea’s North Korean Security Council saying in its Twitter message that the voters in the North Korea ban proved that “The world wants peace but not war, the North Korean leader Kim Jang in response to the statement of the US President, that North Korea stands on a peace or nuclear war, The US President’s incredible statements could not be ignored.