Now blind people can read messages by a New wrist watch


The South Korean company has made the first points of the Smart Watch Braille for the blind, which sent the message emerging precise manner that can read Braille, touch SMS

The 29 million people worldwide are deprived of sight and they read Braille embossed on the paper in the way digital messages through this new Smart Watch can read the exact same letters.

4 pieces in box Watch Braille or raised dots which they sit. Users can automatically set the speed and intensity. Dot Smart Watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and take any phone, app and service (e.g. Messenger or guidance from Google Maps) Message.

Then emerging in terms of the message it delivers the keys and sits. Watch software is open API and minor programming changes can be.

Although there are several helpful tools to guide blind people, but they mostly sound. But that must be used for the headphone is difficult for blind people when conventional electric braille devices are very expensive and clunky.